Reducing the Risk of Falls with Physical Therapy


Today, we’re going to talk about reducing the risk of falls with physical therapy. There’s many things that can lead to falls, and I want to make sure that you know it isn’t always about just being older. Definitely, aging and neurologic changes can lead to falls. However, after injuries or surgeries, even a young person could be at greater risk of falling.

Other Problems That Create a Risk for Falls

Sometimes injuries and surgeries can lead to increased weakness. We lose proprioception, which is knowing where our bodies are in space.

You could even have vertigo or vestibular issues, which just throws off balance and makes you feel dizzy. That might also lead to falls. These are all things that we can address in physical therapy.

Physical Therapists Are Specialists in Preventing Falls

At Bay Area Physical Therapy and Lafayette Physical Therapy, we have certain physical therapists who are specialized in these different niches. For example, we have therapists that can evaluate vertigo and vestibular issues. We have therapists who have advanced training in treating Parkinson’s disease, which often can cause people to have a shortened, shuffling gait where they might drag their toes and be at greater risk for falling.

So we certainly have someone who can give you a thorough evaluation. They can really get to the root of your being at risk for falls. With physical therapy, they can stop it before it becomes a problem. We definitely don’t want you to fall and have that lead to other injuries such as broken arms, broken hips and hospitalizations.

Physical therapy plays an important part in improving impairments so our patients feel like they can be independent and safe in the community. As a board certified orthopedic clinical specialist, I also have research to support the fact that physical therapy reduces the risk of falling. It also reduces the number of falls among those people already at risk of falling.

Important Signs that You Might Need Physical Therapy

We want to make sure that you have the strength and balance to let you be independent in the community, so you can play with your children and grandchildren in that grassy field and not be afraid.

You have to be the first one to reach out to us for that help, though. Watch for these signs and contact us for assistance:

  • You start to notice things like you need to pull yourself up that stair railing to get up the stairs because your legs are feeling weaker
  • You’re just too afraid to go walk through the grass or walk on the beach with your family members
  • You start to get out of a chair and you have to use your arms because your legs are starting to get too weak

These can all be early signs that you might need to reach out for a physical therapy program. You want to make sure that these problems don’t escalate quickly and lead to an increased risk of falling.

So if you think we can help, please reach out to us for a complimentary consultation or evaluation as soon as possible. Call us at (925) 284-3840 today to schedule your consultation.


Lauren Masi is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, board-certified clinical specialist and certified athletic trainer. She earned her bachelor’s degree in physiological science from UCLA, a master’s degree in physical therapy from CSU Northridge, and a doctorate from the University of St. Augustine. As owner of Lafayette Physical Therapy and Bay Area Physical Therapy, she has assembled a skilled team to provide highly personalized and effective care. Lauren’s extensive career encompasses expertise in various physical therapy techniques, including Mulligan and Paris methods, myofascial release, and spinal mobilization. Lauren enjoys horseback riding and family time when not treating patients.

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